Anonymous can you tell us why they wouldn't? (not that this is an argument for it, just curious)

Bc There’s no reason to think that our mind is transcendental other than wishful thinking

Anonymous i think you should consider getting information about chico xavier and also zé arigó they were brazilian mediuns studied by science and also spiritualism is really interesting, there are and were scientists studying the human brain and it's not "supernatural" but maybe our consciousness is something transcendental and separated from the brain idk just look it up.

Why would anyone believe our consciousness is transcendental and separated from the brain
Honestly humans just want to feel important cos the idea of a meaningless universe is a scary one

I found my street

The light that comes into my room through my windows every night

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Anonymous okay but can't be racist against white people.



well i guess not because we haven’t faced oppression in the same way but i just hate that white people are clumped together as one massive horrible ignorant offensive rude race when actually a lot of us would never even go there