Anonymous Ahhahahahah I fucking love u bitch one of ur traits to be admired I hope it's not merely online

im the blessed mother teresa 2.0 irl. im a fraud that christians use 2 revitalize the church and inspire the faithful when churches are empty and the roman authority is in decline

Anonymous this crush feels different. it doesnt make me gasp for breath and ache that hes gone. it makes me feel strong and happy even though he is miles away and doesnt love me anyhow. it feels like something different.


for this useless info 


uoa u ho

u can call me cake cos ill go straight to ur ass

Anonymous You're sort of rude, not kind at answering asks. I don't require rainbows and butterflies but at least common decency. I wish you the best and that you feel better and can be filled with the strength to be kind

pray for my dirty sinful inconsiderate soul


where is uoa

ur url looks like a mexican last name

Anonymous if you could eat anything right now what would you choose?

jesse williams’s dick

Anonymous what show is ur profile pic from

the da vinci code

Anonymous have you read about asian/chinese philosophy? if so can you rec some books thanks thanks

The Tale of Boobs: Chichi Monogatari

Anonymous could u post your dashboard icon?

google daria mona lisa like any rational functioning person


sex, love & cosmopolitan
(via steven-meisel)

what’s up with the weird ass icons looking like some kind of mini me cartoon

goddessolga Tumblr users pizza and hi were delete how do you feel about this?

i should take a break from this website more often

exam ana catch up already binch

español por favor

when r u guys going to let it go for real