Anonymous are you alone in nyc? its the best place to explore on ur own

Im with friends. I thought about coming here by myself but traveling is x400 better w company esp when it comes to food and i spend 70% of the time eating when i travel so


やさしさが走るこの街この道路 (via chidorian)
I almost bought this cos i thought the author was THE jen mann

Huang Xi, 芳芳百科 18
Anonymous Where are you staying in new york?

Im at this cute hotel near the FAO Schwarz toy store n the apple store n all that shit idk what u call that place ? Central park south or smth. Not the plaza hotel obviously. Anyway Wanna come by and help me fit all these books in my bag

Anonymous Es mucha la diferencia de precios?

Con los precios de Chile, sí. Los libros en argentina cuestan más o menos lo mismo pero a mi me gusta leer en inglés por eso aprovecho ahora que estoy en new york, pedirlos por amazon con todos los impuestos de aduana etcc te sale el doble y tardan un montón

I respect the authors too much plus i really wanted to own these books im finally living on my own i want the greatest book shelf ever

I’m gonna fight uoa

Grow up