Anonymous U dumb bitch penis' dnt grow

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Anonymous Hey this is ur ex bf u wanted to talk to me?

is ur peen bigger now

Therell Spires


whaddup yo


Welcome to uoas… I guess? This blog is gonna be dope, and I follow back (always, promise). 

Oh, and I swear I didn’t steal the name from uoa. Uoa? Who is uoa? I don’t even know uoa. 

who is uoa


uoas started following you

uoa ive found your imposter

someone destroy them


Ana you little fucker stop giving my ugliest selfies notes

i wanna take my extension cord and stick it all the way into ur outlet

Anonymous i actually believed tht u got knocked down to 350 followers cause u were gone for so long but than i thought and was like nah


Anonymous Is this really not ana?

this is not. ana i am. not ana. ana i not
am am i not ana

Anonymous Ahhahahahah I fucking love u bitch one of ur traits to be admired I hope it's not merely online

im the blessed mother teresa 2.0 irl. im a fraud that christians use 2 revitalize the church and inspire the faithful when churches are empty and the roman authority is in decline

Anonymous this crush feels different. it doesnt make me gasp for breath and ache that hes gone. it makes me feel strong and happy even though he is miles away and doesnt love me anyhow. it feels like something different.


for this useless info 


uoa u ho

u can call me cake cos ill go straight to ur ass